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Nuestro cliente tenía su maravilloso triángulo perforado por Cody hace un poco más de cinco meses. Ella ha sanado maravillosamente y me detuve por un magnífico actualización a su 10g barra circular.  Este precioso cúmulo ópalo negro de anatometal es el complemento perfecto para su piercing. 

Siento que mi vida necesita esto. Planificación de un viaje con el novio de
para ver si puedo conseguir esta perforación y si es posible, nadie va a estar listo para mi genialidad. (Y a recoger a mi
la orden!)

Did you know that we pierce kids earlobes? We do! We want them to have an amazing experience and get pierced by skilled piercers with implant grade jewelry! So much better than getting pierced at the mall by some untrained teenager! Pic via @urbanlumberjack

Macy stopped in for a piercing and asked for help in choosing what to get. 
She has an awesome ridge on the top of her ear that allowed us room not only for a unique piercing, but also the shape and space needed for this anatometal cluster to comfortably fit and flow with her anatomy. 
Thanks so much for letting us do this fun piercing, Macy!

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Desiring a new ring, and bling is your thing? Try INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! Here is a 16g all White SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA-set I.S. Titanium Channel-set Faceted Gem Curved Barbell with a 4mm Titanium Bezel Orbit with 1 Thread on the bottom, that @nikisparkle from @crystalpointpiercing in Wrexham UK installed in the Rook piercing of one of her clients there. Now THAT is some bling! 😊 #isbodyjewelry http://ift.tt/1rGt938